19 setembro, 2009

Tony Stark Kitbash

Este é um "custom" ou "kitbash" com dizem feito com a cabecinha extra que
veio com a armadura Iron Man Mark-III da Hot toys e acessórios comprados em uma
loja em Nagoya (Japão) chamada Volks Inc.
Os óculos e o copo de whisky foram feitos por mim.
Espero que gostem!!:)

Eng. Hi,
that's a custom or kitbash that a made using the extra head from Mark-III (Hot toys) and accessories bought in Volks Inc store in Nagoya (Japan).
The glasses and the cup of whisky were customized by me.
I hope that you like it! :)

Tony and the Mark-II chrome repainted helmet (in a next post!)

Mãos repintadas..
Eng. Hands repaint...

...e base personalizada.
Eng. ...and custom stand.

Corpo Truetype da Hot toys usado para a montagem.
Eng. Hot toys Truetype body used for this custom.

Material utilizado para a repintura da cabeça e das mãos.
Eng. material used for the repaint of head and hands.

4 comentários:

  1. very nice work on this kitbash Michel, the shades are very cool!

  2. Thanks Shaun!!I tried to do the most realistic is possible,but I still have to much to learn to do like Enterbay's paintworks!!:)

  3. Excelent figure of Tony Stark, I would like make a figure like that someday. Congratulations! In my blog I up some figures that I was make...



  4. Thanks Matiko!

    I take a look in your blog!!
    Very nice work!I hope to see a
    Tony Starky sculpture there soon!
    Take care!




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