13 janeiro, 2010

FineMolds Rebel Snowspeeder 1:48 scale

Desta vez vou postar algumas fotos de um outro "hobby" que eu curto muito: Plastimodelismo.
O modelo é um StarWars Rebel Snowspeeder (versão cinza),uma modificação do T-47 Airspeeder,em escala 1:48.
Tenho que confessar que esta é a minha aeronave favorita no universo de StarWars!
Eu usei diversas técnicas para pintar essa maquete,incluindo aerógrafo,decalques e pigmentos.

This time I'm posting some pictures of another hobby that I like too much: Plastic Model.
The model is a StarWars Rebel Snowspeeder (gray version),a modified T-47 Airspeeder in scale 1:48.I have to confess that is my favorite vehicle in the StarWars universe!
I used various technique to paint this model,including airbrush,decals and pigments.
Enjoy :)

Freios de ar fechados
Airbrakes closed

Freios de ar abertos
Airbrakes open

Este é o livro que eu uso como referência para a maioria das criações baseadas no filme StarWars.Nele,encontra-se fotos em alta resolução de naves,personagens,cenarios e muito mais.Custa US$ 50.00 dólares e tem 212 páginas.

This is the book that I use as reference for most of the creations based on the StarWars movie. Inside you can find photos in high resolution of starships, characters, environments and much more.Cost US$ 50.00 dollars and it has 212 pages.

8 comentários:

  1. Hey Michel!
    Wow! It looks just like the real thing. The pic with the AT-AT is realy cool. By the way the new look of the blog is awesome! :)
    Take care and keep up the work!

  2. Thanks Peter!!
    A long time that I'm searching a new look for my blog and I believe that I found:)
    I glad that you like it!
    Starships of StarWars and others Sci-Fi movies are my others passion.I have a lot!!
    I hope to finish soon a model of AT-AT ,but unfortunately ,that one is not in the same scale of the snowspeeder :(
    Take care my friend!

  3. You do nice work. I'm putting you on my list.

  4. Thanks Warren Zoell!!
    Your work is very nice too!!
    I´m already following you:)
    Your blog is really awesome!
    Take care.

  5. Merry Christmas Michel!! I can't wait to see your next model building project.

  6. Thanks Warren Zoell!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Best regards.

  7. Michel - Are ever going to be posting anything on the site?

  8. Hi Warren Zoel!
    At moment I'm unable to posting new projects.
    Due the economy crisis,I'm serious thinking to leave Japan and come back to my country (Brazil).
    So I'm packing my tools and plastic kits and shipping to my house in Brazil.There's a lot of WIP but now is stand-by.I'm missing to post everytime.I'm just taking pictures to post someday.
    Thanks to ask.I'm very happy that you appreciate my work.:)



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